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We’re delighted to announce that Ur Decision has been nominated by the Brook UK Sexual Health Awards (UKSHAwards) for the ​Young People’s Sexual Health Service/Project of the Year.

We have been recognised by the UKSHAwards’s for our fresh approach to helping young people consider all options when faced with difficult choices; emphasising the importance of planning ahead and equipping them with the vocabulary to negotiate difficult situations.

Since we launched in September we have had almost 3.5k visits to the website and hundreds of young people have shared the website across several social media platforms.

Luke Carter, Project Manager for Respect Yourself, said: “We are really happy Ur Decision has received this recognition. It’s success really lies with the fact that all the ideas for the video scenarios come from open and frank discussions with young people – ensuring the website relates to its audience.

“We’re now looking forwards to finding out if we have won the award in March and developing Ur Decision further, with new situations and content soon to come.”

The project was in part funded by Warwickshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, and developed by Warwickshire County Council’s Community Safety and Public Health Teams.

Ron Ball, Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire is delighted that he has been able to enable such an innovative resource to be developed.

Mr Ball said “Ur Decision supports young people in developing healthy and safe relationships, both now, and in their adult lives. The fact it has been developed by young people themselves means that we have something that covers the real issues affecting them today”

The UK Sexual Health Awards are open to professionals, educators, volunteers, young people, services, projects, programmes, campaigners, journalists, advertisers and scriptwriters – all who make a difference with their work in sexual health.

The Awards will take place in central London at the Hotel Russell on Friday 6th March 2015.

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